The Worst Coffee Competition

When trying to come up with a unique event for Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week, we wanted to do something that would bring the local coffee community together for a good time.

This past Spring LA's Dinosaur Coffee hosted the first (to my knowledge) World's Worst Coffee Competition

This seemed like it could be a lot of fun, where anyone with an appreciation for good coffee and a sense of humor could "compete" on a level playing field.  Anyway we're going to give it a try- we've started with their basic premise but here are some rules to make things more official:

The WORST Coffee Competition

Saturday October 24th from 5-7p at 2002 Smallman St. in the Strip District

  • The drinks will be coffee (not espresso) based but if you need to steam milk you can use the espresso machine.
  • Competitors can bring any of their own brewing gear or use ours, hot water and ice will be available.  Competitors can also use our milk and coffee if needed.
  • Competitors can use any ingredient as long as it's edible/drinkable and follows good standards of food safety (they haven't put it in their own mouth, used dirty equipment etc.)
  • It's open to the public as well as coffee pros, but will limit competition to 10 people (free to enter).  Contact us to get on the list!
  • Each competitor will be given 8 minutes to complete their drink making
  • The judging of the drink will be of the following characteristics:
    • Aroma
    • Mouthfeel
    • Flavor
    • Aftertaste
    • Performance
    • Service Vessel
    • Outfit- can be creative with a costume

Anyone in attendance whether they participate or watch can enjoy complimentary small espresso shakes or cold brew that will not be the worst ever.

On the not-worst coffee front, we're doing a customer focused event during PSCW where you can get behind the bar for some hands on experience, and some great drink specials all week.