What can we do?

Yesterday we decided to donate 20 percent of today’s sales to the Tree of Life Synagogue Victims GoFundMe with a short post on our Instagram. We are able to donate $400 today from sales as well as a generous addition from one of our team members and a personal donation from us.


As we sat trying to figure out what to do, we decided that donating money is what we can do RIGHT NOW. Today.  It seems unsettling to say we will give money to something that can’t be righted by money because no amount can undue the tragedy. It wasn’t as if a natural disaster came and washed away some belongings that we can donate or purchase with the money, but I know nothing else to do RIGHT NOW!  I know things that I can do going forward: voting, speaking up when I am privy to hateful conversations and stopping it or reporting it, helping to do what I can to change laws. It’s also hard to go on each day as if nothing happened.  We started this business to make our corner of the world a little bit better but in reality most of what goes on is frivolous, but it does make the life that we are living more enjoyable. It feels unsettling to just wake up and pay bills and move through the day when people’s lives and the lives of their families are so affected.  There is probably an unread paper left on their kitchen table or dirty dishes in the sink because no one thought that these people wouldn't return. It wasn’t a neat exit from their home. There will be constant reminders for those who have to deal with a tragedy and it’s very unsettling to just go on and concern myself with the frivolity that is in my life.  Because all of it feels frivolous RIGHT NOW!

But I have learned from other tragedies that we have to move forward or the hate and the anger that caused this will win. We need to honor and pay tribute to these lives, but we also need to go on. We need to examine our own biases and hatreds that we may not know we have and work to remove those. We need to continue this feeling of love toward one another that we feel when struck by these tragedies and we need figure out what we can do moving forward including electing officials who can change laws.  I am a dreamer, a big big dreamer, who can imagine a lot so I tend to feel hopeless that I’m never doing enough in my mind, not living up to my full potential to be a helper. But I have realized that giving a little bit of money today is what I can do RIGHT NOW, and if I stay in that zone of doing and giving I will get to a place where the help is really big. So as we move through this and to the next few days, weeks and months, let's not lose that feeling of helping and spreading love and not allowing hateful acts to turn us into angry, hateful people. That is what we can do for the FUTURE!.